Proper Tree Maintenance in Marietta GA is Essential

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Tree Service

Tree maintenance may seem like a drag to some, but neglecting the live oak in your front yard isn’t wise if you want to keep it healthy. Having poorly kept or unhealthy trees not only ruins the aesthetics of your land, but it can also cause the trees to die early and fall on the structures that are in your yard as well. There is no reason to let it get to this point. If you are like most homeowners you probably want to enhance the value of your property, and having lush trees that are healthy can do just that. Trees take a long time to grow, so it is much better to maintain the ones that you have than it is to grow new trees.

A great way to keep your trees healthy is to hire tree cutting and tree maintenance services in Marietta GA to keep your trees trimmed and healthy.

Typical diseases afflicting trees in Marietta GA

In Marietta GA there are various diseases that can affect trees. Some can be treated, but there are some that can be very severe. Oak wilt is common among live oaks that grow in the area, but if you have a quality tree maintenance service they will do their best to ensure that your trees remain in good condition. With proper pruning and care your trees will be able to avoid diseases, bug infestations and other things that could potentially cause them harm. Shot hole disease and leaf scorch are the more severe diseases that need to be watched out for. Prevention is the key to keeping your trees healthy, and a professional tree service can provide exactly what you need and more in terms of care.

Tree removal

Trying to remove a tree from your backyard can be a challenging feat and for some practically impossible. While everyone would like to keep their trees in most cases, sometimes it is simply not possible. A good time to remove trees would be in the winter when the weather isn’t so harsh in Marietta GA. During this time of year you won’t have to worry about major snowstorms or strong winds from the ocean. A professional tree cutting service will know when the best time for removal may be. They have the machinery and the skill to get the job done to your complete satisfaction.

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