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Pros and Cons of Steel Buildings

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Steel buildings have advanced functionality and durability, and typically require a high initial cost of investment. These buildings are used in a variety of applications including recreational, residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes. Among its recreational applications are gymnasiums and sports facilities, while residential applications include carports and RV covers. Its agricultural applications include pole barns and garages and lastly, its commercial applications cover a wide range of options from office buildings to commercial airplane hangars.

Here are the most notable pros of steel buildings:

Structurally sound. Steel is much stronger than other materials and is usually manufactured more rigorously than other metals. It has strict specifications and regulations to meet with required compliance.

  • Resistance to mold and mildew. The characteristics of steel make it resistant to mold and mildew unlike other popular materials, including wood. This adds to the longevity of the structure as well as the sanitary aspects for buildings dedicated for food and pharmaceutical handling.
  • Better quality. Steel does not easily react to external forces, including severe weather conditions.

On the other hand, its cons include:

  • Susceptibility to fire. Although generally known to be fire-resistant, prolonged exposure to fire can affect the properties of steel, thereby weakening the overall structure.
  • Proneness to corrosion. Exposure to the atmosphere causes steel to corrode. However, by applying a sufficient coating material to the steel, the corrosion can be minimized.
  • Heat conductivity. Although steel’s thermal conductivity is much lower than that of aluminum, it is still a conductor of heat. If the temperature outside is high, the steel structure easily absorbs the external energy and pushes out heat to its surroundings.

Overall, steel buildings in Colorado are popular because of the cost effectiveness, safer conditions, and versatile uses both residentially and commercially.

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