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Read the Lease on Western Washington University Housing Before You Sign

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It is easy to understand why a young person would find reading a lease boring. Leases contain a lot of legal jargon and can be lengthy. However, if a young person wants to protect themselves, they will take the time to read a lease on student apartments near Western Washington University before signing on the dotted line.

There are some basic things you can expect a lease for student housing to contain. It will outline your financial responsibility. It will say exactly how much you will pay for rent each month. It will also outline other costs associated with living in the apartment, including fees for parking.

Before you sign a lease for student apartments near Western Washington University, make sure you understand what it says about having a roommate. Most of the time, roommates have to go through the same process that the primary renter has to go through before they can live in the apartment. They need to apply, a background check will be done, and they have to meet the standards set out in the lease agreement. Don’t make the mistake of signing a lease on an apartment and thinking you can have anyone live with you.

If the housing is pet-friendly, the lease will likely include information about the type of pet you can have. There may be limitations on the number of pets you can have, their breeds, and their sizes.

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