Reasons to Consult One Dedicated Social Security Denial Lawyer in Stockton

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Many people today suffer from a chronic illness or disability. This can make it all but impossible for some to find gainful employment that they can do with their health limitations. These individuals often are eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Others who have reached the eligible age attempt to collect their earned Social Security benefits only to have their claim denied. Here are some terrific and important reasons to consult one dedicated Social Security denial lawyer in Stockton.

A Trained Lawyer Can Give Expert Legal Advice on How to Proceed

Sometimes, individuals give up on getting any needed Social Security and/or disability benefits once they get the denial notice from the Social Security Administration Office. This is a huge mistake claims one Social Security denial lawyer from the Stockton area.

Don’t Give Up After Receiving a Claim Denial Notification

There are lots of first-time denials that have nothing to do with the person’s eligibility. These cases are often due to missing the filing deadline, neglecting to provide the required medical and financial proof and simple claim form mistakes or missing information. Every year, the rules and regulations on these types of legal cases change. Someone who was denied just a few months ago may now be eligible to collect those benefits.

Find a Reputable Law Firm Ready to Fight for Your Legal Rights

Get all of the benefits from Social Security that you deserve. Contact Pena & Bromberg by phone or access their site for further information.

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