Reasons to Sell Coins To a Professional Buyer

by | Feb 18, 2019 | Jewelry

There are lots of different ways to sell coins. From online auction sites to local buyers who will come to a seller’s home, it generally isn’t too difficult to find coin buyers in Chicago. However, there are many reasons that it is best for a person to sell coins to a professional.


A professional coin buyer knows about coins and can spot things that make a coin more valuable. A person may be selling a Silver Eagle as bullion, but the coin may have value beyond just the silver content of the coin. Instead of the coin being sold and melted, a coin professional can inform the buyer of the coin’s true value and pay the seller a higher price.


Many small coin buyers will come to a person’s home to make a purchase. However, there are many problems that can occur when a stranger comes to a home. The person could be using the coin purchase as a way to learn about the home to gather information for a future robbery or could physically harm those in the home.


Another advantage of selling to a coin professional is speed. A customer can walk into the shop, have a coin evaluated, receive an offer and have cash in hand in a matter of minutes. A fair price in a matter of minutes is a better deal than waiting for an auction to end or for a buyer to arrange a meeting.

Those who have coins to sell should contact a professional coin dealer who can help them to quickly get a good deal in a safe environment. The Chicago Gold Gallery is at the top of the list of coin buyers in Chicago. They have been serving customers in the Chicago area since 1980 with professional service. The Chicago Gold Gallery can be reached by phone at 773-338-7787.

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