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Reasons to Set up Care with an Internal Medicine Doctor in Schaumburg, IL

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Your primary care physician can address most of your pressing healthcare needs. However, when you suffer from symptoms that indicate a deeper problem within your body, you could be referred to a specialist for further care.

To help you get immediate treatment, your provider will typically refer you to a specialist like an internal medicine doctor in Schaumburg, IL. This physician can diagnose and treat a host of conditions that merit immediate medical attention.

Diagnosing Tumors

This type of doctor can find and diagnose tumors that are located in parts of your body like your digestive or respiratory tract. These abnormalities may not necessarily show up in a standard x-ray. You need to undergo a more in-depth test like an MRI for them to be located.

Once the doctor finds them, he or she can perform further tests like a biopsy to determine if they are malignant or benign. Based on the test results, the doctor can then recommend treatment like surgery or radiation.

Treating Chronic Illnesses

The physician can likewise treat ongoing chronic illnesses like reflux. He or she may prescribe medications to keep our symptoms manageable. Your doctor can likewise monitor your health to determine if the illness is getting better or progressively getting worse.

You can learn more about going to an internal medicine doctor in Schaumburg, IL, for treatment. You can set up an appointment by contacting the Horizon Medical Center.

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