Top Three Books on Happiness Everyone Should Read

by | Feb 22, 2019 | Healthcare Related

Studies have shown reading alone improves your quality of life and makes you happy. While it’s an individual journey for each person, reading books on happiness can help you regain focus and live with intention to bring about more contentment and find a happier lifestyle. Here are the top three books on happiness to help you explore for yourself.

The Happiness Project

In her book, Gretchen Rubin shares how she went through a truly life-changing transformation through a single realization. As soon as she realized her focus wasn’t on the most important things, she started testing ideas. She looked at what made people happy from ancient times to popular culture and even the latest scientific research on the topic. She learned making just a few small changes could impact her life and improve contentment.

The Art of Happiness

This is perhaps one of the most popular books on happiness. Wouldn’t you like to ask the Dalai Lama some of the most pressing life questions and how you can be happy with your life? Howard Cutler had a series of interviews with the Dalia Lama and asked how one could achieve inner peace, remain calm and be truly happy in life. He learned being happy is the purpose of existence and how to achieve it.

The Happiness Advantage

This book shares this core premise, that being happy influences success more than success makes you happy. True happiness doesn’t wait until you find success. Shawn Achor shares how chasing being happy is not beneficial. Instead, create happiness and use it to leverage success in your life. He discusses how our brains change during our lifetimes. We have the power to change our negative thought patterns to positive ones at any point.

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