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by | Jan 9, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

All businesses in Florida can benefit from receiving reliable and consistent legal advice. Many large businesses have in-house or general legal counsel on staff who are experienced in business law and are available to address the variety of legal issues businesses face on a daily basis. These issues can include drafting or reviewing contracts, dealing with employment related issues, responding to legal demand letters or making sure their employer stays in corporate compliance. Unfortunately, most small businesses cannot afford to have a full-time attorney on its payroll even though they face many of the same legal issues large businesses face. These issues can be confusing and frustrating for small business owners to address on their own.

Contracts, Contracts and More Contracts

Contracts are a staple in any business regardless of whether you are located in Miami, Jacksonville or Tallahassee, Florida. Even though many small business owners try to write their own contracts, that doesn’t mean it’s the best business practice. When attorneys draft a contract, they help insure your contract is enforceable and covers all relevant legalities. Attorneys can also help avoid ambiguities that could lead to disputes, lost business or costly law suits in the future.

Likewise, it is important to understand all of the responsibilities, obligations and risks associated with a contract before you sign one. Unfortunately, many small business owners don’t discover that a contract is not in their best interest until after they sign it and are obligated to perform. Ideally, it is best to have an attorney experienced in business law review and explain any contract or agreement before it is signed.

Ignorance Is Not Bliss When It Comes To The Law

Ignorance is not considered a defense to a legal action regarding a contract in Florida. This is another reason why it is strongly recommended that you have an attorney review and explain the legal consequences associated with a contract before you sign it. The limited expense of having an attorney proactively advise you about a contract before you sign it is minimal compared to the large expense you will certainly incur if you are forced to hire an attorney to file or defend a lawsuit regarding the contract. Nothing is more frustrating than having to pay for mistakes in a contract, especially when they could have been prevented with a minimal investment in legal advice while the contract was being negotiated.

Someone In Your Corner

There is no doubt that small businesses need professional legal advice from an attorney that is experienced in the area of business law. Contracts are essential to every small business in Florida and they should not be drafted or executed without the advice of an attorney. The consequences are simply too severe if something goes wrong. is paving the way for online legal services in Florida. Regardless of whether you are in Miami, Jacksonville or Tallahassee, our web-based platform allows you to obtain the legal services you need, like contract review and drafting services, from the comfort of your home or office. All services are offered at affordable, upfront fixed fees with a quick turnaround. Also, all services come with time with an experienced attorney who can understand your individual issues and render advice that is tailored to your specific needs. does not sell forms that you have to complete yourself – only complete legal services. Visit us today at to see how we can help you.

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