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Stop Pain & Look Better With A Visit To A Vein Doctor In Schaumburg IL

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People of any age can suffer from venous disease, commonly seen as varicose veins and spider veins. Even teens will sometimes have this condition, although it is more commonly seen in adults, with women in their middle years seeing the highest percentage of this condition. While being overweight and other conditions can contribute to this problem, it is often a matter of genetics.

Since there can be health issues associated with venous disease, it is important to see a vein doctor Schaumburg IL to see what can be done to rid yourself of this condition. Problems such as pain in the legs when walking or standing, along with swelling around the calves and ankles can result from the inability of the veins to return the blood back up to the heart the way they should. Without treatment, this condition can become worse, leading to open sores on the legs, superficial blood clots and ulcers on the ankles.

There are of course, appearance problems with varicose or spider veins, since the larger veins can bulge, causing large raised ripples along the legs and thighs. Even the small spider veins can leave areas looking dark purple and unattractive. This can prevent you from being comfortable wearing shorts or shorter skirts or even wearing a bathing suit. There is no need to put up with this since practices specializing in sclerotherapy in Schaumburg IL can take care of this problem for you.

Just as there is a variety of types of venous disease, there is a variety of treatments offered to deal with them. A vein doctor in the Schaumburg IL area can access your unique situation and offer the proper treatment. They even have laser guided technology to assist them in getting to just the right vein they need to. There are treatments that involve the use of chemicals to allow the spider veins to disappear over the course of a few weeks, to surgery for larger veins that will remove the problem immediately.

While these problems are most often seen on the legs, they can also form on other areas of the body, such as the arms and face. These areas can be treated just as well as any other area. Even if your problem is small, broken red veins around your nose or elsewhere on your face, the vein doctor can get rid of them for you.

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