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The Draw Shop Has The Best Video Marketing Tools Available Today

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The Draw Shop is an animated video marketing company that makes custom videos for their clients. Studies have proven that customers pay more attention to animated video marketing more than most other forms of advertising.

The Draw Shop team is comprised of professional artists, writers, and marketing strategists. They are ready to talk to you about how you want to tackle your next advertising project. When you deal with the Draw Shop, business becomes fun because everybody enjoys animation.

When it comes to video, the Draw Shop has three styles that customers get to choose from. Those are:

1. Custom Whiteboard Videos

2. Custom Cartoon Videos

3. Video Lab Animations

Custom Whiteboard Videos

At the Draw Show, we make custom whiteboard videos that are original for each project. Some companies tell their customers to just use their whiteboard video maker software as if every customer is an artist. The Draw Shop will develop your ad from the ground up.

For those that don’t know, a whiteboard video is when you see a hand on the screen drawing on a whiteboard as they speak about the products and services they provide.

Custom Cartoon Videos

Custom cartoon videos can be more versatile, and they represent a more traditional form of animation. The Draw Shop will make your animation just like you visualized it in your mind. There is no more need to purchase animation software or a whiteboard video maker. All you have to do is let the Draw Shop do the work for you.

Video Lab Animations

The Video Lab animations are for those on a budget, but they still want a quality product. The Draw Shop will use stock props in your animation to produce your masterpiece.

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