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The Environmental Benefits To Non Chemical Pest Control Methods

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People across Australia are increasingly concerned about the environment. At Flick Anticimex, we treat this as a priority for our company, and we train our staff in a range of different non chemical pest control methods.

We use state-of-the-art technology and products to ensure the treatment methods we use for any type of rodent, bug, flying insect, spider, or other invasive species is environmentally friendly. We have a commitment to the communities we serve to use these safe pest control products and methods.

Saving Other Species

In the past, with a lot of do-it-yourself pest treatment methods, the use of highly toxic pesticides on indoor and outdoor surfaces and structures, as well as in landscaping and in grassy areas, caused environmental problems.

While this may have eliminated the problem pest species, it also killed off all other insect and spider species as well. With a heavy application, even larger reptiles, birds, and amphibians were killed.

Today, thanks to the technology behind non chemical pest control methods, treatment can be targeted to a specific species. This prevents killing insects such as bees, ladybirds, and lacewing, all which help to control harmful insects in the environment.

Protecting the Water and Vegetation

Using modern non chemical pest control methods ensures that the concentration of pesticides does not increase in water supplies and in vegetation is another benefit to the environment. The new options in non toxic pest control methods break down rather than buildup. This prevents toxic levels from accumulating in water or vegetation that results in sickness or death of other insects or larger species.

Children, People, and Pets

Of course, our non toxic treatment products are also safe for use when children, pets, or people are in the area. As a general guideline, we recommend restricting access to the treated areas for about 3-4 hours after application, allowing the treatment to completely dry.

The team at Flick Pest Control is here to answer any questions you may have about our safe pest control methods. To learn more, call us at 13 14 40, or contact us through the website.

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