Three Things to Look for When Renting UOFSC Student Housing

by | Jun 10, 2024 | Student Housing Center

If you are moving into being an upperclassman in college, you are probably considering moving into UOFSC student housing. It’s a great way to save money and ease the transition into independence after you graduate. If it’s your first time getting an apartment, consider these three things before you rent your apartment.

Three Things to Consider Before You Rent Student Housing

1. Location – Just because an apartment says it’s five minutes from campus, doesn’t mean it’s true. Test the drive from the OOFSC student housing to your classes during rush hour to see what the commute is. You don’t want to spend an hour a day sitting in your car when you could be studying.

2. Amenities – It’s nice to have an apartment with a pool, fitness center, or other amenities. It’s not worth the increased cost in your lease if these amenities are run down or unusable. Check out each of the amenities on the property to make sure they are up to your standards before you pay a premium for them.

3. Safety – How secure are you, your vehicle, and your personal property going to be when you live off-campus? Drive through the property at night on a weekday and a weekend to see how secure it is and how well-lit it is. It’s hard to focus when you don’t feel safe at home.

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