Tips for Ensuring the Proper Placement of Tiles on Your Floors

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Flooring

Installing tile in your home is a bit different than installing carpet or even laminate. You need to make sure the tiles are securely in place before the grouting process. One of the details about tile installation that West Valley City companies will ensure is that the floor is flat and clean before the tile is placed.


When you mix the grout for your tiles, leave it in the bucket for about 15 minutes. This will usually result in a smooth mixture that is easier to spread. Any chunks that are still dry when they are initially mixed together will also have the necessary time to break down and absorb into the water that is used. After the mixture sits, you can then blend it again before applying it over the tile.

Flat Surface

Before your tile installation in West Valley City, you need to make sure all of the flooring that was in place is completely removed. Next, you need to clean the floor to remove dirt and debris so that the tiles can be installed on a flat and smooth surface. Consider placing heating mats on the floor to keep it warm since you’re not installing carpet or laminate as tiles can feel colder to the touch. Make sure there are no waves on the floor and that there are no areas that seem to be softer than others as this could indicate that there is an issue with the subfloor.

Plan Ahead

Place the tiles on the floor in the pattern that you want before you put them on the mortar. Remove the baseboards before placing the tiles to get the best fit instead of trying to maneuver around the baseboard design. You can often cover cuts that might not be exact when the baseboards are put back in place.

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