Tips for Getting the Health Insurance Coverage You Need in Atlanta

by | May 27, 2022 | Insurance Services

If you need health insurance but have found that there are obstacles in your way, then consider looking into a Market Place plan. This is insurance that’s obtained through a government program and that typically offers reduced deductibles and monthly payments so that you can afford the coverage that you need. Here are a few tips for finding the plan for you.

Future Health

Even though you want to apply for a Market Place plan in Atlanta, GA now, you should consider the care that you might need in the future. If you have health conditions that you’re addressing, such as diabetes, then you want a plan that offers coverage for hospital stays and lower co-pays for medications. However, if you’re pretty healthy and don’t have a long history of issues in your family, then you might be satisfied with choosing a basic plan that you can use for emergencies.

Get Help

If you feel overwhelmed when you apply for a Market Place plan in Atlanta, GA, then consider asking a professional for help. Most insurance companies will know at least minimal information about the plan and the options that are available. Your local Social Security Administration can also offer assistance as well as hospitals or a doctor’s office.


One thing to keep in mind about Market Place insurance is that there are deadlines. There’s a window of time when the application process is open and when you need to select a plan for it to be finalized. If you miss these deadlines, then you could be eligible for special enrollment, but you might have to wait until the following year.

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