Tips For Hiring The Right Service For Pipeline Leak Detection In Sarasota, FL

by | Sep 17, 2019 | Plumber

On any type of property in Sarasota, FL including residential and commercial property as well as municipal property, pipelines carrying clean water and sewer form a network of pipes underground. There are also added fire lines that carry water to fire hydrants and fire sprinkler systems that are essential in the event of an emergency situation.

Leaks in any of these types of water lines are serious. In the case of main potable water lines, there is the cost factor of water loss through the system, as well as reductions in water pressure for customers and end-users. Leaks in sewer systems create potential health concerns, and loss of pressure or water volume in fire lines has obvious and serious consequences in fire emergencies.

The challenge occurs when there are suspected leaks in these lines. In these situations, calling in professional pipeline leak detection in Sarasota, FL is the most efficient and cost-effective option.

Pipeline Leaks

Old options in pipeline leak detection require digging or drilling along the pipeline to look for signs of water. This is a really a hit and miss type of operation, particularly when there is no surface water present to indicate the general location of the leak.

New technology uses sound waves that are projected along the pipeline and then “read” through advanced types of listening equipment. When there is damage to the pipe, the sounds change, allowing for the precise location through this method of pipeline leak detection.

The same type of process can also find leaks in different kinds of valves, including isolation and check valves, that are used to maintain pressure and water volume in fire lines as well as in water pipelines. Without the need for drilling and digging these options are faster, easier, and eliminate the damage caused by these operations on private and public lands.

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