Tips for Marketing for Senior Living Communities

by | Nov 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

Are you looking for ways to attract more residents to your senior living community? We recommend the following tips for marketing for senior living communities:

Revamp your website. It’s crucial to make a good first impression, and that means having a solid website and web presence. We recommend a few website and online guidelines to make sure that your website performs well in searches and offers valuable info to potential residents. Make sure that your website is responsive and loads quickly and that it is optimized for search by using SEO best practices. Consider investing in pay-per-click or PPC ads as well.

Offer formal training to your sales team. Create a mandatory training program that all members of your sales team go through. The training should include sales tips, etiquette and best practices. Combine online training from sales experts with in-house sessions that integrate your messaging and brand. We also recommend having your new staff members shadow your experienced professionals so that they can ask questions and learn from the pros.

Use your current residents as brand ambassadors. Your current residents who truly love their lives in your senior living community are your best sales and marketing tools. We recommend asking them about becoming brand ambassadors. Your brand ambassadors can provide tours of their living spaces, speak about community events, host prospective residents at meals and offer testimonials.

Manage your digital reputation. What are people saying about your senior living community online? It is super important to manage your online reputation. Make sure to respond to comments and online conversations on your social media accounts. Keep track of what people are saying on review sites and respond when needed.


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