Tips for Successfully Transferring to the Student Living Apartments

by | Apr 15, 2024 | Student Housing Center

After living in the dorms last year, you may look forward to choosing another housing option this school year. However, you also may have some questions about what it will take to live successfully and independently for the first time.

Several easy tips can guide you to making a success of your first year in your own place beyond the dormitories. You can look forward to living in units like the student living apartments in Austin, TX by keeping these strategies in mind this year.

Covering Your Rent

When you lived in the dorms, you might have had your entire semester’s worth of rent taken out of your student financial aid before it was dispersed to you. You did not have to worry about paying your rent because the university deducted it automatically for you.

However, when you live in your own apartment, you may need to cover your rent on your own. You can either work a part-time job to pay your rent. You may also save your financial aid, after you pay tuition, and pay your monthly rent from it. You likewise may have to pay your utility bills out of that same money.

Another tip to keep in mind involves buying groceries and making your own meals. You avoid having to pay for a meal plan when you live in the student living apartments in Austin, TX. Find out more about this option by contacting Ion Austin at

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