Top Portfolio Manager in Dallas

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Financial Advising

If you are looking for an experienced global investment and wealth manager in the Dallas area, then you will want to get familiar with Westwood investment group. Over the years, Westwood has cultivated a 15 billion dollar global investment portfolio including 2.3 billion in socially responsible investments. Here is a more detailed look at Westwood has to offer.

Westwood is a publicly-traded company and a top portfolio manager in Dallas that offers both investment management and wealth management services. In addition to the firm’s investment services, the firm also provides best n class disclosure and transparency to provide investors with the ultimate peace of mind. For over 35 years, Westwood has been able to navigate the ever-shifting landscape of global investment trends. One of the keys to the portfolio’s success has been Westwood’s focus on small-cap value investment. This along with decades-long consistency in performance has helped Westwood to become a top portfolio manager in Dallas.

While many investment management firms are solely focused on profit, Westwood also believes that serving the community is essential. That’s why the firm also manages a $2.3 billion dollar portfolio of socially responsible investments.

Learn more about Westwood’s portfolio and their investing philosophy today. Take a look at the firm’s wealth management, investment management and other services on the firm’s website. If you would like to learn more, then feel free to contact the firm today. In a world where investment opportunities can arise at any time, Westwood Holdings Group, Inc. is prepared to put its portfolio into action.

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