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The question of when you can retire is based on several different factors. Most people in Greenville, SC, plan to work at least until they can claim social security, which may be 62 or, if you were born in 1960 or a later year, it is 67. If you have the ability to delay claiming Social Security, the benefits increase if you wait until 70 to start drawing.

The good news is that many people in Greenville, SC, do not have to wait for social security payment to dictate their retirement age. They have worked with Registered Financial Consultants like Matt Dixon and have a retirement plan and fund in place to allow them to retire when they want.

Working Past Retirement

There is an increasing trend for people to work beyond the traditional retirement age. This is not due to a lack of financial freedom to retire. Instead, many people find that work is a motivator, something they enjoy, or that keeps them engaged and active.

In these situations, Matt Dixon can help to create retirement plans that decrease tax liability for higher earning older people. With different investment options and strategies, it is possible to reduce taxes while still having the retirement fund you need to feel confident.

Goals for Retirement

People may choose to talk to Matt Dixon about very specific goals they have for retirement. These goals could be to travel, to move to a new state or even move out of the country, or perhaps to become involved in philanthropic activities.

Each of these goals has an impact on how much you will need to have for retirement. In addition, your health and the health of a spouse or partner will also need to be considered when determining when you can retire.

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