Top Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Santa Rosa

by | Nov 12, 2021 | Air Conditioning & Heating

As the summer months approach, keeping your home or business cool is going to become more and more relevant. Keeping your home or business cool is about comfort and health, especially if you live in a region where temperatures can get extremely high. High temperatures mean that you’ll want to have an air conditioning unit that is working to the best of its abilities so that you can depend on cool air.

If your air conditioning system is working well, that’s ideal. If not, you may want to consider having your system checked for repairs. A well-running system will efficiently keep your home or business cool whenever you need it. If you’re not sure when to seek repairs, here are the top signs that you need air conditioning repair in Santa Rosa.

Poor Airflow

Poor airflow may indicate any number of problems, but in any case, you’ll need to seek repairs. Poor airflow often indicates a hardware issue, physical block, or buildup inside your system that needs the attention of air conditioning repair service.

Also, in addition to poor airflow, “off” temperatures can also be an indicator that something is up. For example, if your home isn’t getting as cold as you’re setting your thermostat to, you’ll need a professional to investigate.

Strange Sounds and Odors

Be sure to watch out for strange sounds and odors. Your air conditioning system should be relatively quiet and scent-free. Anything out of the ordinary should be noted before you call an expert. Let the professional you call know about what you’re experiencing so that he or she can best help you with an air conditioning repair service.

Moisture Buildup

Any kind of moisture leaking or building up inside your unit can cause rusting, mold, and other common but detrimental issues. You’ll want to have a professional come and inspect since the problem could be minor, such as trapped moisture, or a more serious refrigerant leak.

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