Understanding Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Jacksonville

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Being involved in a bicycle accident can be devastating. It often has a physical, emotional, and financial impact. It’s a situation you shouldn’t try to handle on your own, even if you think everything will be fine. Sometimes issues arise years later that can threaten your livelihood. Working with a bicycle accident lawyer in Jacksonville is a great way to ensure your best interest remains a priority. To take preventative measures in the future, it’s helpful to understand the common causes of bicycle accidents.

Distracted Drivers

The most common cause of bicycle accidents is distracted driving. Many drivers are busy checking phone calls and text messages, which takes their focus away from cyclists on the road. It has also become more common for drivers to get distracted because they’re checking social media. It’s the responsibility of each driver to pay full attention while behind the wheel. Given the tendency of drivers to get distracted, defensive cycling is always important.

Speeding Drivers

Driving at high speeds is dangerous because it does not allow enough time to stop or make decisions in an emergency. That’s why a speeding driver is incredibly dangerous to cyclists. While it’s possible to injure someone on a bicycle while driving within the speed limit, going too fast is more likely to result in injury. This is a frequent issue in residential neighborhoods where cyclists tend to feel safe.

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