Understanding What Dry Aged Beef Is and Why You May Find It Oddly Delicious

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Butcher Shop Deli

Dry aged steak sounds like something cured in a smokehouse over several days, but in reality it is nothing like that at all. In fact, you might initially find the idea of dry aged steak as slightly repugnant, until you taste it. To get a better understanding of how beef is dry-aged, and to find out why you might like it, here’s more on the subject.

Wine and Cheese Taste Better Aged, So Why Not Beef?

Wine is aged to perfection. Cheese is aged to the point that moldy cultures create the ideal taste for cheeses. Ergo, why not use a similar technique for beef? When temperature and humidity are perfectly controlled, beef doesn’t spoil. It ages to the point where the meat begins to break down and become more tender without developing that rotten meat taste or smell. It takes an excellent butcher and the perfect dry aging room to make this happen.

Why You Might Like the Taste of Aged Beef Better

You will never struggle with chewing aged beef. Aged beef accepts marinades and spices without having to beat the flavor into the meat. Because the meat is so tender from the aging process, it also absorbs the flavors of the grill and wood fire used. If you smoke it or slow roast it, the flavors permeate the meat easily and make it very flavorful.

Dry aged steak can be the ultimate treat for your palate. Even more, you do not have to search far and wide to find it. You can select from dry aged steaks, as well as other fresh meat products and meat bundles, when you shop online. If you are ready to really taste the difference that dry aged beef gives you, visit Hugh Maguire Butchers via  and order some of their aged beef selections today.

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