Ways Maintenance Can Help Prevent The Need For Air Conditioner Repair

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Air Conditioning & Heating

Most air conditioning systems are comprised of two different units. The compressor or condenser is generally kept outside of the home on a concrete slab not far from the house. This unit can become very dirty due to its location outdoors where it can be exposed to the elements. Because of this, it is important that the unit be cleaned once before it is put into use each season and then again as the season ends.

One of the most important things that a homeowner can do to keep their air conditioner from needing extensive repairs is to spend some time cleaning it on a regular basis. Many times the homeowner may choose to have a company that handles air conditioner repair near Wildwood handle this type of work for them. However, for those homeowners who would prefer to do the work on their own, it can be easy to accomplish.

The first step in cleaning this system is to remove all the large debris such as leaves, grass cuttings and other debris that will tend to collect in and under the housing, which covers the unit. This may require that the panels of the housing be removed to make access easier. Once these elements are removed, it is then a good idea to use a hose with a high-pressured nozzle to clean the coils on the unit. The coils are similar in appearance to the look of a radiator. They can become dirty and this can restrict airflow through the unit. Sometimes it is necessary to use a household cleaner or special air conditioner cleaning compound to clean the coils if they are dirty. Before using water on this unit, it can be a good idea to cover any electrical elements, such as the motor, so that they do not become damaged due to the water.

After the coils are cleaned, the next element to clean is the fins. The fins are thin metal slats that surround the unit. These can be easily bent, so it is best to use a soft brush to clean them. If any fins are bent, they will need to be straightened so they do not restrict airflow in the unit. This can be done using a fin comb that can be purchased at a local hardware store or from a company that handles air conditioner repair service near Wildwood. For more information about these services, contact McAllister…The Service Company.

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