Staying Prevailing Wage Compliant With Training Programs in San Diego CA

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Laws and regulations affecting wage rates are continually changing. Consequently, compliance with current labor laws can become an overwhelming and resource-tapping task. For this reason, consulting services offer labor compliance programs leveraging experience, technology, resources and connections to manage compliance, ensure funding and avoid expensive project penalties.

The Importance of Compliance Education

A focus on education for both contractors and awarding agencies is pivotal for project success and compliance. Prevailing wage compliance training programs minimize the risks involved in confusing and complex wage requirements, and they keep everyone on the same page about prevailing wage requirements. Education also extends to streamlining compliance best practices and avoiding unintended mistakes and steep penalties.

Owners and Managers

Prevailing wage compliance training for awarding agencies, construction management and engineering firms and developers focuses on relevant responsibilities, roles and common project pitfalls.

Prime Contractors

Prime contractors retain high levels of liability regarding subcontractor compliance on both private and public projects. Learning best practices on proper oversight is imperative for minimizing liability and maintaining project compliance.

Subcontractor Training

Both refresher courses and fundamental training are essential for subcontractor awareness of applicable rules for remaining compliant and receiving scheduled pay. These fundamentals include certified payroll details, apprentice laws and document requirements for staying on top of paperwork.

The wellbeing of communities rests on the work of engineers, contractors and project owners, from highways and bridges and hospitals to modern school facilities. Prevailing wage compliance training helps professionals stay compliant and avoid risk.

Alliant Consulting is a leading US provider of labor compliance training, oversight and auditing services across the country. Call (877)-GO-ALLIANT or visit to learn more.

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