What Are Some of the Services Provided by a Family Doctor in Westmont IL?

by | Jan 11, 2020 | Health & Medical

A family doctor in Westmont, IL, can provide multiple services that will benefit everyone in the family. They offer treatments for colds and flu. They also perform various laboratory tests and imaging tests like X-rays.

What Does Preventive Care Involve?
Preventive care describes methods and treatments that keep a patient from getting sick. If the patient already has a chronic condition, such as diabetes, a
family doctor in Westmont, IL, will help them manage their condition to keep the worst symptoms from developing.

The yearly physical is a cornerstone of preventive care, for it enables the doctor to track the patient’s health and catch any problems.

What Is the Difference Between A Cold and Flu?
Both are upper respiratory infections, but colds are usually milder. In both conditions, patients tend to develop sore throats, coughs, and stuffy noses. A patient with flu, however, may also develop fever, headache, and aching muscles. Fortunately, a flu vaccine can keep people from getting flu. Its effects last for around six months.

What Is the Exercise Tolerance Test?
The exercise tolerance test (ETT) is a diagnostic test done to assess the health of the patient’s heart. The doctor will place electrodes attached to an electrocardiogram (ECG) on the patient’s chest. They will then have the patient exercise on a treadmill and take note of how well their heart responds. They will also evaluate the patient’s circulation.

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