What Are the Side Effects People Face After Hair Restoration?

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Hair Care

Are you getting bothered by the sudden appearance of baldness? Or are you thinking of ways to reverse hair thinning/hair loss? Well, you aren’t alone! Hair loss and baldness are common occurrences, especially among older men. Luckily, you don’t have to let it affect your self-confidence. Medical procedures such as hair restoration in Chicago can be the best remedy. But before you consider the procedure, it’s good you familiarize yourself with the following side effects:

Bleeding Of the Scalp

Just like most medical procedures, hair restoration in Chicago, IL can also cause some bleeding. However, don’t let this worry you. There are simple measures that can be used to manage it easily.

Head itching

Itching is a common side effect after the hair restoration. While itching severity varies, mild itches are easily managed using shampoo. However, if you notice itching escalating beyond tolerance, your doctor will recommend specialized moisturizing oils or other treatments.


Many hair restoration surgeries will definitely result in some form of pain. The good thing is the pain often goes away after some time. For persisting and endurable pain, it’s advisable to seek severe medication.


Infections are a rare side effect. But when it happens, you should consult your doctor for an antibiotic prescription. Also, to avoid chances of getting infections, be sure to perform a hair restoration procedure in a well-known clinic.

Other common side effects worth mentioning include scars, numbness, thinning of hair girth, and swelling. At Northwestern Hair, they provide the best hair restoration in Chicago.

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