What is the Safest Way to Remove Car Tinting?

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Are you looking into options for how to remove the tinting from your car windows? This might be needed if you purchased a car with low-quality tinting, you may want to remove it and start with new car tinting in Jacksonville, FL. On the other hand, your tint might simply be getting old, which means there might be scratches or fading. No matter what the reason for removing your tinting, you want to select a solution that is safe and easy.

Sun Soaking Method

If you want to go simple, using the sun to help you remove the tint is a great option. A tint is held to the windows using an adhesive which needs to be removed. If you choose this option, all you need to do is cut two garbage bags out that will fit over your window. You can coat the window in a soapy mixture then place the bag over the top. On the other side of the window, use ammonia covered by a garbage bag. Park your car somewhere sunny in Jacksonville, FL, and give the sun a chance to do the work. After an hour or two, you should be able to strip off the tinting easily.

Steam Removal Process

A second option that is probably safer than the last is to use a portable steamer to remove the car tinting. There’s no need to deal with ammonia or other harsh chemicals. However, you will want to be cautious and aware when you are using the portable steamer inside your vehicle. When your tint is warm, you can start to tug on an area of the tint to remove it. However, be gentle with the process. If you go too fast or hard, you may end up tearing the tint, which means you’ll have to start again in another area.

Other Options

There are other ways to remove tint from your windows, but most are not as safe as the options above. For instance, some people use a razor blade and an ammonia cleaner to remove the tint. This is not recommended since it is easy to end up injured in the process.

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