How Are Marketers Trying to Convert More People to Christianity?

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Religion

Just like many other faiths, the Christian church has the ongoing need to recruit and convert followers. Unfortunately, in our modern era of mobile devices and the internet everywhere, we get constant messages from professional marketers. They seek to “sell” us everything from cars and perfume to food and even faith. If you watch television, go online or pickup a magazine, you may see advertisements that seek to get people to convert to or begin practicing Christianity.

And while more people in the army of Christ is a good thing, some of the ways that marketers are trying to get people to join the Christian church are unwise. Here’s what we mean:

They might emphasize worldly benefits – To draw the attention of potential new members or converts, they might talk about things like food, free education, access to “secrets” that only Christians might know, and even social standing. These are never reasons to consider belonging to the faith or any Christian church…it is the non-worldly benefits that are the most significant. Living in a Christ-like way, building a loving community, finding God’s purpose for each and the entire community…those are authentic benefits

They describe “future” benefits – The word propaganda is unattractive, but it can come close to what some churches promise potential new members. Talking about eternal life or happiness, wisdom, a place at the table…these are not benefits that a church can or should discuss with anyone considering a visit or even joining. The only future benefits are those that relate to the non-worldly benefits you enjoy when you join a Christian church – community, support in understanding God’s purpose for you, and living among others who strive to be great disciples and lead Christ-like lives

Not emphasizing an authentic Christian mission – There are some marketers that use superficially appealing philosophies or even dressed up statements and expressions to “sell” Christianity. We have all seen this in any sort of low-quality advertising for religious institutions. As an example, statements that seem profound, but upon closer examination do not say very much can be used to market to those who are unaware of these tactics – i.e., the poor are rich is a commonly used phrase that does not delve into the authentic meaning from Scripture

There are good ways to attract new members to a church, and some of the best are simply to create a welcoming environment, offer modern methods of learning more about the church (such as through a detailed website) and having a very clear mission and values that emphasize Christ, purpose ,and community.

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