What To Consider For Durable Workwear Jacket Styles

by | Oct 19, 2022 | Uniform

Working outdoors throughout the year means staying warm, dry, and safe on the job. Finding the right workwear jacket to meet these needs and also provide comfort and ease of movement is important for anyone who works outside.

The fit of any work clothing, particularly a jacket, must be comfortable. The ideal fit allows easy movement and provides the opportunity to layer clothing underneath. It also offers a fit that is snug to the body without being tight or restrictive. A snug fit to the body is critical if working around equipment where loose material or fabric creates a safety concern.

Consider the features of the jacket. For example, check for pockets that provide easy assess to phones, belongings, and tools that are needed on the job.

Protection from the Elements

Rain, snow, and wind are always a concern when working outside. Choosing a workwear jacket that is wind and waterproof helps to keep you warm even on the most blustery days.

Whilst the exterior of the jacket should be designed to keep you dry and warm, it is critical to consider how the interior of the jacket will help to provide the same protection. Look for jackets designed with ventilation, typically mesh panels, that cover the sweat zones of the body. Moisture-wicking fabrics that move sweat help to keep you warm and dry, even when physical exertion is part of your job description.

Consider jackets that allow the wearer to adjust the cuffs to close in over the wrist, preventing cold air, snow, and moisture from entering the cuff area. Velcro tabs make it easy to adjust the jacket cuffs over gloves.

Hi-Vis Jackets

Working outdoors with a Hi-Vis workwear jacket adds an additional level of personal safety. These high visibility jackets have reflective colour and tape, ensuring you are easy to see from all directions.

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