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What to Expect with a New HVAC Installation in Arnold

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After spending time comparing different options, the home owner has chosen a new heating and cooling system. The only task remaining is for the team to arrive and take care of the HVAC Installation in Arnold. Here is what the customer can expect to take place during and after the installation process.

Evaluating the Existing Duct Work

One of the first things the team will want to do is determine if the current duct system is compatible with the new unit. In many cases, the changes to the system will be minimal. As part of the HVAC Installation in Arnold, the team may decide that adding another air return would be a good idea. If any weak spots are found with the current series of ducts, those sections can also be replaced. This is important since a properly installed duct system will manage the flow of forced air more efficiently.

Connecting the New Unit

After checking the wiring leading to the connections for the main unit, the old system is moved out of the way and the new one put in place. The wiring and other connections are completed and checked to ensure they are secure. This includes removing the old control box and installing the new one inside. At this point, the team will check to make sure the electrical current is reaching the new unit properly. All this is done before the system is activated.

The Test Run

With all the elements in place, the system is activated. The team will check the flow of air through the ducts and see how test the strength of the air current coming out of each of the vents. Assuming the flow of air is efficient, the system will run for several minutes to see if the unit begins to cool the home properly. If any adjustments need to be made, they can be managed on the spot. The team will not consider the installation complete until every feature of the system is working as it should.

For home owners who are thinking about the possibility of a new heating and cooling system, visit  website and arrange to have a contractor visit the home. After making a quick inspection and talking with the owner about possible replacement units, it will be easy to obtain a quote, approve it, and set a date for the installation to take place.

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