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What to Know If You Are Ready to Move Off-Campus in Gainesville

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It is common for universities to encourage students to live in a dorm on campus during their first year. It allows them to get adjusted to university life and a new city. However, young people often look for off-campus housing near the University of Florida after their freshman year. If you are thinking about moving out of your dorm, here are a few questions to ask during your search for an off-campus apartment.

Think about location before choosing an apartment. You want to consider what it would be like to get to campus. The off-campus housing near the University of Florida may provide a free shuttle service. Look to see if the complex is located near a bus stop. Perhaps there is a bus route that will make it easy to get to classes.

You may want to find off-campus housing because you don’t like the guest rules in your dorm. However, before you choose an off-campus house, make sure you understand the guest policy. Find out how many people can live in the apartment. It is likely that each occupant will sign an individual contract. Find out if family can visit or if you are allowed to have overnight guests.

Look at the amenities that are offered in the apartment and within the complex. A few features that you should expect include a gaming room, a swimming pool, air conditioning, and in-unit laundry.

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