What to Look for in Office Furniture Installation Companies

by | Jul 31, 2021 | Furniture

There are plenty of good reasons to contract out the installation and delivery of office furniture to an office furniture installation company, especially when you are planning a move or huge redecoration project.

But one of the best reasons is that office furniture installation companies know what they’re doing, because they have years of professional experience under their belts. Here is what we recommend looking for in a good office furniture installation company:

  • Ask for references. The best office furniture installation companies will jump at the chance to give you references, because they know that their past clients will give them good recommendations. We suggest asking for names and number of people who will speak to the experience of working with the company.

  • Find out if they have a good online reputation. Once you have spoken to the people that the company recommends, do a little research to see if the company has a good online reputation. Look at various review sites to see how previous clients rate the company.

  • Ask for prices and compare them. We also recommend asking how much delivery costs if anything. While some office furniture installation companies provide free delivery, there are other companies that will offer service for a flat fee or an hourly rate. If you do choose to go with an hourly rate, you should ask how long the job will take, and compare the total against other vendors before making a final decision.

  • Find out what is included. We also recommend figuring out who pays for delivery and installation charges and if the company provides any extras like replacement parts or stain guarding treatments. Find out how long the warranty is and what the warranty includes.

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