Fire Protection Service

Why is Having Your Fire Alarm System Serviced So Important?

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Your property is vital to your business and your employees. Your safety and that of your team members and clients or customers are even more important – and something that cannot be left to chance.

This is why it is so important to have a properly functioning fire alarm system. According to the NFPA, the majority of fire deaths occur in homes or structures where fire alarms are not working correctly. Preventing these catastrophes is a crucial part of keeping your team safe and your business operating without worry.

How Can You Ensure That Your Fire Alarm Works?

Making sure that you have an adequate number of properly functioning fire alarms in your home or commercial property is half the battle of fire safety. While fires may not be 100% preventable, fire death and injury are much easier to avoid.

Fire alarm inspection Fort Myers, FL, always ensures that your fire alarm system is reliable. This includes checking for proper installation, as well as regular testing for smoke alarms. Small alarms that require batteries should also be checked routinely to ensure that these batteries are still working.

Be sure that your workplace team members are not removing these batteries to prevent annoying chirping noises. This is a common mistake that people make to avoid temporary frustration – but it can lead to real danger if those batteries are not present in the event of a fire.

 What if Your System Needs Professional Service?

If you have a more robust fire alarm system and are in a corporate or commercial setting, it may be necessary to have it professionally serviced. Professional fire alarm inspection in Fort Myers, FL, by Summit Fire & Security can help ensure that your team, clients, and consumers are safe in the event of an emergency. You can continue to operate with peace of mind, knowing you are protected.

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