Why Seniors Should Have a Foot Specialist

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Health

As we age, our body begins to react. It is common to find seniors with more complaints of leg and foot pain, and many have problems walking. The feet are responsible for keeping our bodies moving through ambulation. The strain that the feet incur over their lifetimes is increased when the person is overweight. With the proper care and regular positive attention, our feet can stay healthy and comfortable much longer. Seniors should have a foot specialist for a number of reasons. The aging process alone can result in damages to sensitive or overworked feet, ankles and lower legs. A compassionate foot doctor in the Beverly area can help assess what foot care if any is needed.

There are a number of diseases and health conditions that tend to become more prominent and widespread as the population ages. Diabetes affects the entire body, and this includes the circulatory system, heart and legs, feet and ankles. Diabetics often develop neuropathy in their legs and feet. This causes them to feel no pain even if their feet become cut or injured. Checking the feet daily can help to prevent further foot damage. A nearby foot doctor from Beverly can also assess the feet at regular appointments for the best preventative foot care.

Many seniors are still very active. There are sometimes subtle changes that they don’t really notice until it turns into a bigger problem. A senior who sprains an ankle might try to nurse it by themselves. Even something this little can get ugly fast if the right treatment is not started early. Having a foot specialist look at the injured ankle is the best way to avoid long-term damage. There is a stellar foot doctor in Beverly that delivers splendid foot care. Contact Mitchell Foot And Ankle, or visit our website for more information.

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