Your Home’s Electrical Services in La Crosse WI Should be Checked by a Professional Electrician

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Every homeowner should have a licensed professional electrician offering Electrical Services in La Crosse WI by conducting a periodic inspection of their home’s wiring and the service panel. This inspection is important regardless of the age of the home because the builder may have cut corners, or a previous homeowner may have decided to be a weekend electrician. Perhaps you even decided to try your hand at DYI electrical work. Electricity is not a simple matter or an easy one to attempt with just one of those hardware store handyman books.

There were 28,700 residential fires resulting in nearly 825 deaths, and many serious injuries, according to the USFA’s fire reporting system for 2012. Nearly half of these fires were caused by electrical wiring or electrical supply equipment. These numbers have not declined since 2003.

To further define the drastic problems arising from electrical fires in homes, E Stanek Electric Inc said in a report examining the causes of residential fires that thirty-five percent of these fires are caused by electrical malfunctions. The overwhelming majority of these fires, deaths, and injuries could have been prevented by an electrical inspection.

Many of the most dangerous conditions are visible on a walk-through, but some require examining the walls, attic, and basement areas. Many homeowners overload a circuit with electrical equipment without checking to see if the circuit can handle the electricity which it is supplying. An overloaded circuit is a sure path to a major fire. A junction box buried behind a wall can be a major hazard. One home inspector said recently, “The service panel can go up in flames, but the homeowner may not know it until it is too late.” This condition will not cut off the electricity flow, but it will heat the wires up resulting in a fire starting in the walls.

The service panel can be overloaded with too many fuses or circuit breakers. Electrical Services in La Crosse WI can handle all of the modern electronics and the other needs of today and tomorrow.

Many homes built between 1962 and 1972 have aluminum wiring which is now aging and wearing to the point where a fire can start. This wiring should be replaced by a professional electrician.

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