3 Reasons You Should See A Dentist In Canon City Immediately

by | Dec 26, 2018 | Dental Care

Most people put off going to the dentist as long as possible. For most adults in Canon City, a once a year checkup is recommended. This is a good time to ensure there are no issues with dental health and to address any possible problems before they become more serious.

However, even for those who routinely attend their annual dental visits and practice a top dental hygiene routine at home, there are some key symptoms or issues that should immediately trigger a visit to the dentist.

At Jared M. Smith, DMD, General & Cosmetic Dentistry we work with our existing patients and our new patients to get them in as quickly as possible if they report the following issues.

Pain in the Gums or Teeth

Gum or tooth pain, either acute or chronic, should be a red flag to see your dental professional in Canon City. Pain in the teeth or the gums can be a sign of infections, damage to the nerves, missing filings, untreated cavities or even damage to the tooth through cracking, chipping or shattering.

Early detection and treatment of the cause of the pain can prevent further damage to the tooth and end unnecessary suffering.

Injury to the Mouth

Any type of trauma to the mouth that causes damage to the teeth or gums should be immediately checked by a dentist. This is particularly important if a tooth is knocked out or damaged as out as may be possible to save the tooth, but there is a tight time window to be able to effectively treat these types of injuries.

Bleeding Gums or Loose Teeth

Bleeding gums and teeth that seem loose or that seem to move during chewing can be an indication of early to more significant stages of periodontal disease. With treatment, the damage can be reversed if treated early. Even with more significant cases, periodontal disease can be managed to prevent tooth and gum loss.

If you have been putting off your annual visit to a Canon City dentist, or if you have any of the conditions listed above, contact the staff at Jared M. Smith, DMD, General & Cosmetic Dentistry. You can also find us online at www.jaredsmithdmd.com to request an appointment.

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