A Summer Event With Tutu Skirts

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When you hear the term tutu skirts, you may be thinking of ballerinas and ballet recitals. While you wouldn’t be wrong, this same term can also apply to beautiful, floaty and airy table skirts that are a perfect addition to summer events.

What to Consider

These types of table skirts are designed to hand in strands of gossamer-like strands of tulle. These are light enough to blow in a gentle breeze but heavy enough to provide a bit of volume to the base of the table. You can choose any color of the tablecloth, which provides a lot of decorating options.

Available in a variety of colors from white and ivory to fuchsia and turquoise, these skirts are easy to match with any shape or size of table. The best quality of tutu skirts will have reinforced band across the top that secures the tulle strips. This band will also have Velcro facing the table. This allows for slip-on table shirt clips with Velcro to securely hold the skirt in place.

Outdoor Setup Tips

For outdoor table setup with these types of table skirts, consider the issue of the breeze when positioning tables. Also, while the typical recommendation is one table clip every foot around the table skirt to hold it secure, if there will be lots of traffic around the table or a lot of wind, you may want to shorten the distance between the clips.

Additionally, if the tables are on grass or natural surfaces, remember that the ends of the tulle on the tutu skirts will touch the grass. Cleaning the surfaces of decks and patios and keeping the grass cut short will help prevent staining of the bottom of the table skirt.

White is the color that will show any type of grass or surface stains the most, which may be an important consideration if you are planning an outdoor summer event.

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