CA Surgeons Provide Safer Port Site Closure With Pop Off Suture

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Wouldn’t it be great if surgeons had hardware that made workflow easier, particularly with surgical stitch interruption? Physicians prefer pop off sutures due to ease of use. The term pop off points to the quick release of the needle from the suture. Knot-tying with sutures and needles lies at the heart of what goes on in the operating room, so the choice of hardware is important.

There’s a new suture and needle when a new stitch is made. With just a tug of the needle holder, the needle can be “popped off”. Controlled release, or pop off sutures have a lot in common with swaged-on needles, but makes needle removal a more efficient process.

When it comes to handling a variety of procedures, the controlled release suture featuring a pop off needle is preferred. It comes in all types and sizes and picks up right where a stitch was interrupted.

On the opposite end, the swaged-on set up pairs the suture and needle together as the suture is placed inside the hollowed end of the needle. With the controlled release type, precious time is saved not having to cut the line with scissors.

On top of the choice of stitch procedures, surgeons should also judge material based on a number of additional characteristics such as tensile strength, size, type (nylon, silk, steel, acid), and elasticity.

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