Helping Seniors Who Have Memory Challenges Live Their Best Life

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Senior Care

There is a greater need now than ever before for memory care for seniors. According to The World’s Alzheimer’s Report, the number of people who have dementia will double by the year 2040. Much of this surge is going to be caused by baby boomers who are now reaching the age where dementia starts to take hold in most people.

Thankfully, the medical community is seeing the need to provide memory care for seniors. Memory care is more comprehensive than regular assisted living. The goal of these facilities is to provide supervised care 24 hours a day and seven days a week for patients who are dealing with memory health challenges, regardless of the disease that is causing the challenge or the stage of said disease.

The environment that they live in plays a large role in providing adequate memory care for seniors. Seniors battling with memory loss need to live in areas that have been specially designed to reduce the risk of dangers that can be associated with wondering. Hallways and other features of these facilities may be color-coded to assist seniors when navigating their way around. This can also help them reduce anxiety and feel safe. It is an environment that allows them to maintain as much of their independence as they can.

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