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When Is an Appointment to an Endodontist in Mississauga Necessary?

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Dental medicine is a complex segment of the healthcare profession. It consists of several specialties that many people don’t know if they exist. From a young age, many of us were taken to a family dentist from time to time for regular dental checkups, cleanings, and simple fillings. A family dentist can handle most of the common dental problems comfortably in his office. However, a few dental conditions call for the skills and experience of a specialist. An example of such a specialist is an endodontic dentist.

Let’s Look at the Anatomy of a Tooth

The outer structure of a tooth is made of enamel, a glass-like material that is considered the hardest substance in your body. Just beneath the enamel, there is a porous layer called dentin. The innermost layer is called the pulp, which comprises nerves and blood vessels. The pulp sits in a hollow space known as the root canal.

Who Is an Endodontic Dentist?

As highlighted earlier, a general dentist can diagnose and treat many dental problems, including problems with the root canal. However, sometimes, due to the severity of your dental condition, your dentist may refer you to a local endodontist in Mississauga. Unlike the general dentists, an endodontist undergoes extra training of up to two years. During this time, they study the latest techniques in treating root canal problems to help them in dealing with complex dental issues.

What Else Can Endodontists Treat?

One of the common reasons you may need the services of an endodontist in Mississauga is due to severe tooth decay that affects the root canal. Sometimes, tooth cavities may go beyond the enamel, thus exposing the sensitive tissues in the tooth pulp. Bacteria then finds its way to the tooth pulp, where it multiplies, causing infection and inflammation of the nearby tissues. You may need to see an endodontist even when you don’t have severe tooth decay. For instance, if your teeth have suffered an impact that affects the nerve tissue, you will need to see an endodontist save the tooth. Also, if your tooth has been knocked out completely, an endodontist can help in placing it back in its socket.

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