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How To Detangle Naturally Curly Hair in Georgia Without Damaging It

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A knot can occur in your hair when the strands wrap around each other and become entwined. These can be unsightly and painful to deal with as you try to style your naturally curly mane. You may even damage your hair further by pulling, snatching, and cutting the knots from your tresses. But, you can prevent this breakage by patiently unraveling these snags rather than attacking them at full force. Read on to discover ways to detangle naturally curly hair without damaging it.

Work in Sections

Although you have detangling accessories to handle your hair, you cannot tackle all of it at one time. Trying to run a wide-tooth comb or brush through large portions will result in breaking your hair and possibly shattering your tools. Instead of manipulating your hair that way, part it into smaller segments and work from the ends to the root. This method will work even better if you put a natural hair detangler on first.

Use High-Quality Products

When buying hair products to control your tangles, you want to make decisions based on the prices. But, focus on the ingredients and effectiveness instead. Purchase a conditioner and a natural hair detangler known for promoting longer, stronger, healthier hair. They tend to have less water and more of the active ingredient you need to see results. Not all high-quality products are expensive, so you can find the vitamins and proteins your hair needs without breaking the bank.

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