How to Prepare For Bringing a New Puppy Home in Lancaster, PA

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Pets

When you decide to begin looking for puppies for adoption in Lancaster, PA, you should take the time to prepare your home for the new arrival. This is especially important if this will be your first pet or if you haven’t had a pet in several years. The following tips will help ensure your home provides a safe environment for your new pet.

Prepare Your Yard
Most people think of the inside of their homes when it comes to puppy-proofing their property. You should begin by looking at the yard where you’ll let your puppy out to play. They shouldn’t be able to get into a shed, garage, or basement where there will be tools or harmful chemicals. Additionally, you should use a leash to keep your puppy in the yard even if the property is surrounded by a fence. Puppies are more agile and resilient than you expect.

Lock Cabinets and Drawers
Puppies are also determined when it comes to opening cabinet drawers or closet doors. You should add locks to doors to keep your puppy out of those areas. Cosmetics, cleaning solutions, and other toxic substances should be kept in locked cabinets.

Hide Cords and Cables
When looking for puppies for adoption in Lancaster, PA, keep in mind that the pet you choose will likely be teething. You should take the time to hide lamp, television, and stereo cords if there’s no way to place these cords out of the puppy’s reach. Additionally, don’t leave charging cables, USB cables, and other electronic equipment laying around. Keep them in drawers, and provide your puppy with chew toys and bones for teething.


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