Paper Shredding Services, Fort Worth – Keeping It Confidential

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There are many reasons to look for paper shredding services in Fort Worth. If you run a business, protecting proprietary data and private customer information is critical to your brand and reputation. Financial reports, intellectual property, card holder data, trade secrets and customer lists are a small sampling of the type of sensitive information that could expose your company and customers to a security breach.

Texas law mandates documents that include protected health or private financial data must be properly disposed of rather than placed in the trash. Laws are especially specific in the medical and financial sectors with fines and penalties a possibility for any company negligent in following a secure disposal process. Dumpster diving is still a document security threat today for businesses that choose to throw out their confidential documents with their trash. The threat of legal action because of a security breach is a reality.

Remember that as a business you have a responsibility to keep certain types of information private. This could include customer billing information, HR data and even correspondence. Texas has privacy laws on the books right now regarding the proper disposal of such sensitive documents which should provide plenty of incentive to find an excellent paper shredding service in Fort Worth.

There are different types of paper shredding services in Fort Worth. You can choose onsite shredding services at your location with a mobile truck or offsite services where documents are picked up and shredded under camera at a certified vendor facility. Outsourcing your shredding to experts with the training and equipment to do the work securely and conveniently is a huge advantage of finding a paper shredding service in Fort Worth.

The inherent risks involved with tasking an employee to shred confidential customer information or company data are clear. Simply storing the documents securely can be a challenge, not to mention the selection of the employee trusted to see the information as they are destroying it. While most employees are loyal and honest, certain highly sensitive data should not be exposed to someone tasked to shred paper. Using a trusted company like Action Shred of Texas for paper shredding services in Fort Worth mitigates the risk of a security breach caused by a careless employee.

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