Looking for the Ideal Kindergarten? Make Sure. These Qualities are Present!

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Preschool

Finding the perfect kindergarten in Maplewood NJ for your pre-schooler is not as hard as you may think. It’s possible to find the right program and facility by keeping a few basics in mind. Here are three examples of what should be at the top of your list. If any of them are not present, that’s a sign you need to keep looking.

Learning and Play Balance

The day should be structured enough to allow plenty of time for the kids to play. There should also be time set aside to begin teaching the children some of the things they will need to know before they enter school. It’s a good idea to get some idea of how the curriculum is set up and ensure there is time for learning and play. With the proper balance, your child will enjoy the time spent in the kindergarten and also be ready to tackle the first grade when the time comes.

Caring Staff

The staff must be trained and properly certified. You also want them to genuinely care about the children who are left in their charge. It’s easy to see how well the staff gets along with the children by observing for an hour or so. This also provides the opportunity to see how the staff corrects children when the need arises and how quickly they learn what it takes to participate and make the most of that kindergarten in Maplewood NJ.

Plenty of Things to Do

The whole idea of kindergarten in Maplewood NJ is to ensure the children are in a safe environment where there is plenty to do, learn, and enjoy. That means having activities planned that are instructive, fun, and also challenge the children in terms of learning something they didn’t know before. A day that is structured without being too regimented can do wonders to stimulate learning as well as inspire creativity.

Take your time when considering the options for kindergarten. The right one will help your child begin to develop social skills, understand what is acceptable behavior in larger groups, and provide some basic learning experiences that will come in handy later.

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