The Advantages of an EV Charger

by | Feb 26, 2019 | Electrical

If you have an electric vehicle in Jacksonville Fl, chances are, you love it. Not only do they offer the comfort of a silent, smooth ride, but you also get the auxiliary benefit of daily savings on gasoline. One of the drawbacks of driving an EV is charging it either while you’re at work or when you’re out running errands. One solution is to find parking in an area that has an EV charger.

The Ultimate in Convenience

Charging your car at an EV station, whether going to the store, the airport or somewhere else, is like parking your car and having someone come up and give it some gas while you’re away. When you get back, your car has been charged. Even if it isn’t a lot, every little bit helps. An EV charger is one of the best possible assets you can find when searching for a parking solution.

Great Locations

Typically, an EV charging station also offers one of the best spots in which to park in the whole parking lot. This isn’t because other drivers are less worthy or because the EV cars look better. Providing a good parking spot also helps the parking lot provider as well as the businesses adjacent to the lot and in the immediate area. Many parking lot providers are filling the front rows of popular parking lots, making it convenient for EV owners to use their chargers. From downtown shopping areas to airport parking lots, more and more charging opportunities are available to consumers.

It’s Good for the Environment

Even though the benefit for the environment may go without saying, conserving the environment by choosing responsible fueling options is not necessarily the foremost thing on people’s minds right now. With the relatively low prices in gasoline, the wallets are not getting hit as hard as they were several years ago. However, this does not mean that the environment is getting a break as well. The more we can reduce fumes, the better it is for our children and us. Choosing parking with EV charging is a way to take a step in the right direction for a greener present and future.

In the Jacksonville Airport area, Green Mango airport parking has the EV charging stations you need in order to come back to a charged car and a cleaner environment.

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