Puppy Love

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Pets

When you get a new puppy, you are just as thrilled to your new companion as your puppy is to have you as a new companion. One big difference is that you know how to behave in society and your puppy does not. It’s up to you to see that your puppy learns the new tricks of proper behavior so you can have a long and happy life together. Enter Dog Daycare Chicago Il

Whether your new dog is a puppy or fully-grown adult, there are some basic behaviors he needs to know. Starting with sit, down and stay, you also want to be able to let your dog off leash in certain environments and have him come back when you call. Starting at 16 weeks, dog training can begin. If your adult dog has developed some bad habits, these can also be corrected through the right kind of training.

Dog Daycare Chicago Il can be just what you need if your dog has separation anxiety when you are gone all day and half the night. You can count on top-quality dog care at Chicago Canine Academy daycare services. Your dog will be kept busy learning from humans and playing other dogs. It will have at least six hours running around outdoors which is enough to satisfy even the most active and energetic dog. The caregivers will play games to keep your dog’s mind busy as well as its body.

Along with all the fun, your dog will get help improving behavior as well. According to your dog’s temperament, she will play alone with only caregivers or with other dogs too. Give your dog the fun and excitement she deserves when you contact Chicago Canine Academy and enroll her in the fantastic daycare activities.

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