Urgent Care

Receive Medical Care When You Need It With An Urgent Care Clinic in East Brunswick NJ

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Scheduling an appointment with a primary care physician can take weeks to be seen. There is never this type of problem with an Urgent Care Clinic in East Brunswick NJ. They are open seven days a week and deliver the same high level of care as a primary physician’s office. Going to the emergency room for treatment when regular doctor’s office is closed means paying a higher fee and waiting for hours to be seen. Paying a hospital to wait longer doesn’t seem to make sense. An urgent care can delivery many of the same services a physician’s office offers or minor emergency care.

An Urgent Care Clinic in East Brunswick NJ can perform the following services:

• Minor Emergency Care


• X-ray

• Acute illness

• Drug screening

• Physical or Sport physical

• Laceration Repairs

• And many other services.

An urgent care costs much less than going to an emergency room. The urgent care also offers a weight loss program for individuals interested in improving their health through weight loss. Losing weight can be a challenge without the right support and guidance. The urgent care will be with the patient each step of the way by finding the right weight loss program that will work for the patient. This can lead to success in a patient’s weight loss goals.

For employers that require drug screenings to be performed on future employees or existing employees, the urgent care can perform drug screenings for the company with a rapid return to the employer of the results. This eliminates delaying the hiring of quality candidates. It also helps to prohibit an employee that’s under the influence of drugs to risk the safety of other employees or the company. Employment physicals can also be scheduled in combination with the drug screenings for employers. This makes it easy for employers and future employees to complete the pre-employment details quickly.

Central Jersey Urgent Care Somerset offers all of the services an individual needs to receive the proper medical treatment that is needed without waiting for hours. Their highly trained staff is ready to handle any medical concerns a patient may have with care and compassion that every individual deserves.

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