Assisted Living

Senior Citizens Enjoy Living in Assisted Living Communities in Naples, FL

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Older Americans are searching for housing options that allow them to live in their own space and provide services to help them maintain as much of their independence as possible. Assisted Living Communities permit this group to live in their own quarters with a private bathroom. Some of the rooms even have small kitchenettes. However, the small cooking nooks are for snacks and tea. Residents in Assisted Living in Naples, FL facilities are expected to take their three main meals in the facility’s dining room. The food is prepared by professional chefs and residents select their entrees off of a menu. Older people tend to eat more when the can share a meal with others. Good nutrition is one of the best ways to stay healthy and alert.

While Assisted Living in Naples, FL community residents are able to care for their personal needs such as grooming, dressing, and walking within the facility, there are services such as medication reminders available to ensure their continued health. Many assisted living residences also have wellness clinics on the premises. These are staffed by registered nurses around the clock. Residents can have their blood pressure checked as needed, help with their oxygen or other pieces of durable medical equipment. Mobile x-ray and lab services are often also available.

Beyond health concerns, residents in these communities can enjoy many beautiful common spaces. They can read beside a roaring fire on a chilly winter evening. They can watch the birds from the comfort of a solarium. There’s always a spot for a game of bridge with friends. Residents can enjoy a variety of planned and informal social gatherings. Assisted Living in Naples, FL are designed to be on one floor. This makes it extremely easy for residents to get to their meals, socialize with friends and enjoy the library or the exercise facilities.

Vans are sometimes available to take residents out to the shops, museums or even sporting events. There’s always someone to go see a movie with or try out one of the new restaurants. Residents report that the social aspect of assisted living is wonderful. They can just walk down the hallway and see if someone wants to play a game of Scrabble.

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