Taking On Hardship to Become a Successful Billionaire in America

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Becoming rich is a goal for many people. However, this can be hard for those unsure how the rich get to where they are at today. Take on these qualities if you’re looking to become a self-made billionaire.

Hard Work

Anyone rich will tell you that it takes a lot of hours to become a billionaire. This means that you’re not only going to be working more than 40 hours a week but that you’ll be expected to be working more on weekends and not taking as many vacations if you want to become rich.

This does come with an upside though that you’ll be able to relax more or retire completely once you’ve hit your billionaire status. Ensure that you’re hard-working if you want to become a self-made billionaire someday.


It’s not only hard work that’s going to make you a billionaire but you’re intuition as well. Having an intuition means that you understand the right decisions to make when running your business.

Without having the right intuition, you can easily lose out on money during times where you could have been profitable. This can also lead business owners down the path of bankruptcy. Make sure that you have the right intuition to run a business when you’re looking to become a billionaire.

Siggi Wilzig

Sometimes it’s important to look directly into the stories of those that we’re able to become billionaires. You can read about Siggi Wilzig and how he was able to flee from the holocaust to the United States of America in which he was able to build a successful business.

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