Tips For Using Table Skirting And Table Skirt Clips

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To create a dramatic look to any type of table, particularly a dessert, buffet, display, or a trade show table, table skirts offer the perfect option. These specialized types of lines attach to the top edge of the table using table skirt clips and drop down to the floor. This completely covers the table base or legs, adding a pop of color or blending in with the décor to create a distinctive style.

Most types of fabrics that are used for table linens are also a good match for table skirts. Polyester and lamour are the most versatile and can be used at weddings as well as trade shows or other types of events.

The Benefits of Chiffon

For a very romantic and soft look, which is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, showers, or other similar types of events, a chiffon table skirt is an exceptional choice. Chiffon is a strong yet soft fabric that provides the coverage needed but still has movement and a look of sophistication.

An added element for a chiffon table skirt is to use a layer of white tulle over the colored chiffon. This not only creates a softer, more romantic look, but it is easy to create a puddling look around the base of the table that adds to the look of movement and flow.

Table skirt clips attach to the top of the table and typically use Velcro to attach the table skirt in place. The skirt itself hides the clips while keeping everything secure. Ideally, the clips should be placed every foot or less along the top of the table to ensure the table skirt stays in place and to prevent drooping between the clips.

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